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You’ve Asked For It…And We Have Delivered!

So many people have been complaining that every time they land their Parrot Anafi on uneven or rough surfaces, damage is almost unavoidable.

And you know what? That’s because there’s not enough ground clearance during landing!

With our leg extenders/risers however, your drone will be elevated an additional 2 3/8” off the ground, making the landing process as smooth and damage-free !

Presenting The Parrot Anafi Hight Flexible Landing Gear Brought To You By THEKKIINNGG Of Course !

Our landing gear will simply absorb the shock of rougher landings and terrains by spreading the impact force onto a point near the middle of the cross, addingmore protection and preventing damage to your drone on impact.

And don’t worry! When it comes to installation and removal, it’s as easy as can be ! It can be installed and removed completely without any changes done to the drone itself.

Lightweight, Durable & Unbreakable !

No need for complicated hardware, tools, screws or messy instructions ! Just install and remove these leg extenders within seconds and get ready for take-off !

Upon delivery, you will be supplied with 4x ANafiflex Landing Extenders !

Plus, if you are not 110% satisfied with your brand new drone protection, rest assured that your purchase is covered by our 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee !

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

Scroll Up, Click ‘Add To Cart’ And Fly Your Drone With Maximum Confidence !

100% PROTECTION FOR THE Parrot Anafi: Specifically designed for the Parrot Anafi, our leg extensions will be a step towards ensuring your drone lands successfully and as smoothly as possible, whileavoiding any damage on rough surfaces.
EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE:Being extra-lightweight, yet durable, our leg extenders will be a breeze to install and remove. No springs, no screws, no bolts! Just plug them in and safeguard your drone during landing and take-off!
INCREASE GROUND CLEARANCE:These landing gear risers will increase your drone’s clearance from the ground, protecting all the sensitive, high-tech gear on it, including your camera and flight sensors.
PERFECT FOR ROUGH OR UNEVEN TERRAIN:Designed to raise your Parrot Anafi at 2 3/8 , this landing accessory gear is great for landing surfaces that might otherwise damage your drone, including but not limited to sand, grass and dirt.
LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK:Try out our 4-piece drone leg extenders and if you are not 110% thrilled with their function, simply get in touch with us and we will make it right. After all, your fun, convenience and peace of mind are our first priorities.

Price: $19.99
(as of Jun 30,2019 00:48:02 UTC – Details)

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